Welcome to My Project FreeCLX4SDL!!

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The Objectives for the project:

  • build a number of Cross-platform multi-media CLX components for Kylix.
  • build tutorial for help newbie for SDL/Kylix programming.
  • build tutorial for help newbie for OpenGL/Kylix programming.

  • Introduction

    Why I suggest FreeCLX4SDL, the reason is the Kylix/CLX target to be a cross-platform solution!!
    but can Kylix/Delphi build multi-media application for Linux/MS window/Mac OSX. I think currently,
    the answer is not!!

    When Kylix joint with SDL, in which cross-platform Game API, OpenGL 3D API, range of Multi-media
    from VCD player, Game, CAI or other Multi-media Application can be easily build.


    Welcome to Kylix Tutorial!!
    Welcome to SDL/Kylix Tutorial!!
    Welcome to OpenGL/Kylix Tutorial!!

    Documentation for the project

    Doc. for JEDI-SDL Header for Kylix/Delphi
    Chinese edition Doc. for JEDI-SDL Header for Kylix/Delphi(Not yet completed!!)


    What is Kylix??
    what is SDL??
    What is OpenGL??
    why SDL/OpenGL/Kylix??
    what is CLX??